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Travel Tips for Sri Lanka

Clothing and Cosmetics

Even in a small island like Sri Lanka, there is a need for a variety of clothes and skin related products. Although it is commonly advised to wear cotton dresses due to high levels of humidity around the island, from September till end of February it is important to carry jackets and sweaters if you are visiting the central hills, namely Nuwara Eliya, Hatton, Bandarawela, Ella and similar places.

It is a must to refrain from wearing shorts, sleeveless tank tops and skin revealing attires when visiting religious venues. For wild life safaris in national parks it is more suitable to wear green, beige and Khaki colours according to the experts. If you are hiking or trekking in the wet zone remember to wear leach socks as leaches are common in forests and mountain ranges.

Finally we advise you to carry along a sunblock cream, insect repellents and wet tissues throughout your journey especially if you have sensitive skin.

Food and Beverage

In Sri Lanka high hygienic standards are maintained  in terms of food and beverage, to a level that the pipe born water is safe to drink anywhere in the island. You don't have to be afraid to taste the pickles, fruits and sweets that the street vendors sell; however it is advisable not to consume spicy fried food from street vendors.

The towns and cities have fast food and unique fine dine restaurants, almost all the hotels cater meals either on ala-cart or buffet basis depending on its capacity and number of guests which makes it very easy for the traveller to consume his food.

Don't forget to enjoy drinking a king coconut on a sunny hot morning.

Chuffer Guide

This person defines your tour of Sri Lanka, it is important that you have an honest prudent and friendly chauffer guide who will become a good friend to you by the end of your tour. It is the chauffer guide whom will accompany you in your entire journey, during this time although he will follow the tour itinerary that the travel agent provided, which was agreed and approved by you, changes can be made on tour by discussing with Chauffer Guide who will put you in touch with the travel agent.

Further he will guide you and educate you about the general life culture and colours of Sri Lanka. Key is to request for a friendly tour guide from your travel agent.

Shopping in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the highest quality apparel exporters in the world and you would be surprised by the luxury shopping arcades and the prices to be very reasonable. There are specialised handcraft outlets in the cities and you may find such simple handcraft shops along road sides of popular destinations in the island.

When it comes serious valuable shopping, such as gem and Jewellery Sri Lanka has a wide range of precious stones on sale including blue sapphires, star sapphires, rubies, cat's eye, garnets, moonstones, aquamarines and topazes being just a dazzling handful.

Our advice is to let your travel agent know about your shopping preferences which will help you avoid being ripped off by the vendors; your tour guide will secure you the best deal

Wild Life in Sri Lanka

Wild life in Sri Lanka is not only found in forests and national parks, they are found throughout the island and don't be surprised if you see a snake, land monitor, a dear or even an elephant cross the road in some parts of the island.

It is important not to approach, pet or try to feed any wild animals anywhere you come across them, although at the national park you will not be allowed to do so, you must also remember not to interact with wildlife elsewhere to ensure sovereignty of wild life and your safety.