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To travel without guilt


To inspire people to travel earth friendly and create wonderful memories

Message from Hilzeena
Founder Enchanting Tarshish

I believe that nothing can be a better teacher than travelling to new places. Especially in a cynical world of turbulence only travelling to Enchanting Tarshish - a paradise island in eastern oceans can rejuvenate your souls and bind your hearts with love to your self and nature around you.

I consider my self to be blessed to have grown up in a village by the sea in the enchanting island of Sri Lanka. I have experienced the smell of sea, breathed the purest air that comes through the mangroves of lagoons and tasted the delicacies that have tantalised me, freshly caught from the sea.

The central coolness of our emerald countryside is where I spent my childhood vacations, are not second to the bliss of a costal town in Sri Lanka.

Our glorious heritage , rich biodiversity, breath taking sceneries and golden beaches are only few of the commonly known treasures of my island home that will snare you with its enchanting spell.

I want the world to see, feel and experience what I have in this paradise island.

As I invite the world to my island home, I am also concerned and appreciate your kindness to the environment. As travellers we must ensure that we will treasure the serenity of places we experience to many generations to come and forever.

Letís travel without guilt.